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My love for the American Motors AMX began in 1969 as I was driving down 1st Ave. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The AMX shown below was sitting on a car lot, and the first one that I had seen other than in magazines.  I stopped to get a closer look at it, and the rest is history.  I fell hopelessly in love with this little two passenger muscle car after taking it for a test drive, and knew immediately it had to be mine!  Although I have lost track of my first AMX, I was lucky to find pictures of it, shown below. This little car turned heads wherever I went, and to the surprise of many other major brand muscle car owners, it ran very hard.  This little car won many drag races that seemed to challenge it  wherever it went.   I owned this car when my wife and I started dating, and traded it for a Volkswagen Micro Bus after we got married.  WHAT A SHOCK!  I've always felt that I got rid of the car before I was really ready, and for the past 30 years have longed to have another one.  Becoming "empty nesters" gave us the time and oportunity to take on the challenge of bringing my second AMX from a dream to reality.  After a year long search, I found my current AMX in California, and have decided to share the restoration process.  My first AMX shown below  was a 390,  4-speed with the factory shifter (booo) and I added a functional cowl induction hood scoop, and ET slotted mags.  Enjoy my website and stay in touch as the restoration of this little money pit progresses!

FACTOID:  In 1969 there were roughly 310,000 Mustangs and 242,000 Camaros manufactured, as compared to 8,500 AMX's.  As near as anyone can tell, there are approximately 10% (850) 1969 AMX's left.
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