In April  2000, the AMX arrived at its new owner in Montezuma, Iowa coming from Reseda, California.  This poor little forlorn car was in a load of newer vehicles, and arrived from sunny California on a cold rainy Iowa spring day.  It is on the bottom row, in the middle.
I bought this car from 4 photos sent to me by the former owner.  I have yet to find those pictures, but they looked much like this, except the hood was on.  Alan Hibler from New Sharon, Iowa hauled the car home for me.  Fortunately, I was able to rely on him to check it for general body condition before clinching the deal.  Since Alan had room on his car hauler and he was near Reseda, California, I sent the money to him by Fed Ex and this baby was mine!  Although my wife was horrified with its appearance, I was  relieved to find a virtually rust-free car with very minor body dings and damage.

When it arrived it had a 290 CID engine in it with a T10 4-speed transmission.  The interior was pretty well shot, but the car was in an overall very restorable condition.  Not much took place on the car for the first year, as I was evaluating where to start, what I was going to need, and gathering the many parts needed.  I was a little overwhelmed with everything, as this is my first restoration project.  Fortunately, I have friends that have restored several vehicles, so have had a lot of good advice, assistance, and support from them.   I will go into detail in the Who's Who section of where I obtained parts, and who helped with the different parts of the restoration.